Friday, 9 November 2012

Det Kvite Gullet/The White Gold

Det Kvite Gullet (The White Gold) was an exhibition held at Kunstindustrimuseet (The Museum Of Decorative Arts And design) in October 2012. The exhibition was based on a research report from SIFO (National Institute for Consumer Research) called "Valuing Norwegian Wool". My employer was NFI (Norwegian Fashion Institute). The exhibition visualized the reports different results and areas as; the wool industry in Norway, Norwegian's identity relating to wool, history and culture, wardrobe studies and lastly innovation and design. I curated the exhibition and chose all designers, companies and different items exhibited. I worked closely with the designers and manufacturers to build the exhibition specific to its content. Together with SIFO and NFI we collaborated on textual context for the exhibition.

Curator & styling: Karen Gjelsvik
Exhibition– and graphic design: Byggstudio
Translation and execution into 3-dimensional design: Ingrid Aspen
Photos: Ellen Jarli

Wardrobe studies by SIFO

The wool industry

Material test: test you knowledge!

Identity & history: personal stories by well-known designers

Norwegian traditional jumpers and stories through time

Innovation & design

Pictures photographed by Kyrre Wangen

Archive pearls by Franz Schmidt

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Kari Traa at Exporama!

One thing I love about my work is the variation of it. From chic long modells in designer clothing to sports brand such as Kari Traa. I styled their exhibition space at Exporama. A huge showroom for sports wear in Norway. The theme for the collection was "Frozen Mystic", and we tried to translate this into the exhibition space. Fun, fabulous and feminine!

Monki Story

For SVA#7 the clothing label Monki invited us to their HQ in Gothenburg to do a piece about them. Here is how it went, for the full story, best buy the magazine!
Words by Karen Gjelsvik
HQ pictures by Bent René Synnevåg
Store pictures by Monki HQ

SVA Issue#7 The oTher side!

Monday, 12 September 2011

SVA window @ Raff design week 2011

For the newly started design week in Bergen called Raff (, Sva Magazine exhibited their concept in the designer shop Lot 333. 
This exhibition has previously been installed at Steen & Strøm in Oslo, and showed Norwegian designs in the form of paperdolls. 
Photo by Linn Helen Hetland.

Kari Traa spring collection 2012

Fabulous models, crazy wheater, delicious Voss. The Kari Traa spring collection for 2012 is looking real nice. With a focus towards active training, slow training and rainwear the label is for that active girl with plenty of attitude without loosing her femininity. I did the styling for the collection. Lasse Berre did the fun loving photographs. Models Gitte Lill and Natalie.

Monday, 9 May 2011

SVA Magazine #6 cover shoot

"The Sixth Sense"
Svein Bringsdal, Rikke Straus og Karen Gjelsvik
model Merethe Hopland/Joy models

The Sixth Sense was shot in the gloomy location of Bergen old prison. Dark, damp, cold and quite horrific in all its beauty. The mood of the prison ties perfectly in with the theme of the 6 issue.