Thursday, 27 August 2009


The photoshoot...
Siv Støldal, the quirky London based mens wear designer, has moved back to her roots. Taking her family with her she has packed her stuff and gone home to a little island called Tyssøy outside Bergen, Norway.
T.Michael, mens wear designer and tailouring chic. Lives in Bergen, Norway. But is originally from Ghana and London.
Together, they´ve opened a shop. Not any shop, but a shop that will be open for three weeks only, or while the stocks last.
They will be selling designer items at steal away prices. Onboard they´ve got designers such as Azumi and David "a´n´d", Roksana Illinic, Michelle Lowe Holder and Norway´s own Norwegian Rain, Arne & Carlos and off course: some of Michael´s and some of Siv´s.
Bent René Synnevåg and Myself got together a couple of girls and a boy and took some pictures in the days before the event.
Bent behind the camera.
Karen styling the boy and girls.
Anette from Adam&Eva did the hair.

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