Thursday, 4 November 2010

WCS 2050

Worst Case Scenario 2050. As our next theme for SVA #5 took shape, Svein Bringsdal approached me with an idea for a photoshoot. What is the worst that can happen? How can we translate this visually? The next theme was futurism, and we wanted to explore this every way imaginable. It is meant to provoke. It is mean to cause a reaction. And it is to be taken seriously. We spent the day in a scrapyard, and boy where those models in pain!
Camera action by Svein Bringsdal, models Marielle and Zainaba, hair by Ina from Adam & Eva, make-up by Tone Elde.

1 comment:

  1. fantastisk! Kjente jeg mistet litt pusten av dette! Så nyskapende og annerledes. ha en fin kveld!

    - Iben