Monday, 9 May 2011

SVA Magazine The "6" issue

We just launched SVA The "6" issue.
One the cover: fabulous Merethe Hopland, Norway´s next big thing.
Photography by Svein Bringsdal
Styling, hair and make-up by Rikke Straus and myself. A great collaborative shoot by team SVA.
The graphic design for the magazine is the multi-talented Grandpeople.

The inspiration for the magazine was:

The next issue of SVA magazine will be The 6 Issue. The number 6 in Norway is spelled seks and pronounced similar to sex. As Sva will enter it´s sixth edition we thought this would be an interesting title with a play on many more. There is plenty of room for interpreting the "6". 

A cube has 6 faces.
Insects have 6 legs.
The roman numeral VI (usually) stands for the sixth-discovered satellite of a planet or minor planet.
6 is the number of points on a star of David.
The Jewish holiday of Shavuot starts on the sixth day of the Hebrew month of Sivan.
A standard guitar has 6 strings.
There are said to be no more than 6 degrees of separation between any two people on earth.
Extra-sensory perception is sometimes called the "sixth sense".
There are 6 Cardinal directions: north-south-east-west-up and down.
The Bionic Six are the heroes of an animated series.
The number of cans in a soda or beer pack is 6 - called a six pack.
A six pack is also the expression of a well toned human abdomen where the muscles are visible.
6 feet under is usually how deep a coffin is buried, thus, the phrase " six feet under" which means that a person, thing or concept is dead.
In astrology, Virgo is the 6th astrological sign of the Zodiac.
6 is the highest number on traditional domino or the dice.
The symbolism behind number 6 represents harmony, balance,sincerity, love and truth. 
According to the bible, 6 represents the sin, the imperfection and the evil.
666 is the sign of the devil or satan.

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