Friday, 9 November 2012

Det Kvite Gullet/The White Gold

Det Kvite Gullet (The White Gold) was an exhibition held at Kunstindustrimuseet (The Museum Of Decorative Arts And design) in October 2012. The exhibition was based on a research report from SIFO (National Institute for Consumer Research) called "Valuing Norwegian Wool". My employer was NFI (Norwegian Fashion Institute). The exhibition visualized the reports different results and areas as; the wool industry in Norway, Norwegian's identity relating to wool, history and culture, wardrobe studies and lastly innovation and design. I curated the exhibition and chose all designers, companies and different items exhibited. I worked closely with the designers and manufacturers to build the exhibition specific to its content. Together with SIFO and NFI we collaborated on textual context for the exhibition.

Curator & styling: Karen Gjelsvik
Exhibition– and graphic design: Byggstudio
Translation and execution into 3-dimensional design: Ingrid Aspen
Photos: Ellen Jarli

Wardrobe studies by SIFO

The wool industry

Material test: test you knowledge!

Identity & history: personal stories by well-known designers

Norwegian traditional jumpers and stories through time

Innovation & design

Pictures photographed by Kyrre Wangen

Archive pearls by Franz Schmidt

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